Customer Exploration Map

The Customer Exploration Map helps you to identify problems and challenges of your customer, user or stakeholder and to explore possible solutions for this problem.


“The more you engage with customers the clearer
things become and the easier it is to determine what
you should be doing.” — John Russell
When working together with entrepreneurs or intrapreneurs we often realized that describing a persona does not really guide to the real problem of this person. Therefore, we developed a template that helps you to focus on the most imporant insights about your customer and additionally to explore existing solutions for this problem. Moreover, thinking about aspects you don’t know yet about your customer challenges the identified problems and jobs to be done.


  • Structuring insights
  • Focussing on the problem solution fit
  • Thinking about available alternative solutions


  • If you have multiple customer groups and stakeholders it is difficult to understand the connections between them


Make sense of your information and insights
Synthesize the the information and insights you gathered from interviews or observations. We really recommend to base it not only on your assumptions without seeing and talking to the customer or stakeholder group you are exploring.
Multiple stakeholders
Not only explore one customer group but multiple customer groups and stakeholders. Therefore use one template per customer / user group / stakeholder.

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Problem / solution fit
Focussing on the problem solution fit helps to create sustainable solutions and an empathy driven value proposition not only for the customer but also for all groups explored with this tool.
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