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Our core principles

Our core principle and passion is innovation and development of sustainable and successful business models: Creating value for users, clients and stakeholders, earning a return but also acting responsibly towards employees, clients, our social environment and nature.

We believe in empathy driven innovation and value creation by understanding not only the customer but also the ecosystem. We drive exchange of best practices and success stories by connecting corporates, startups and digital experts from different fields.

Therefore we combine the best from Design Thinking, Startup Mindset and Agile Organization and encourage innovation by transferring successful digital and better business models across industries and learning through rapid prototyping.

The platform Business Model Toolbox aims to connect expert and expert knowledge. Our goal is to provide inspiration and become a knowledge hub for for business model innovators, entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and change-makers who want to design successful business model. We want to apply the force of entre- and intrapreneurship in order to support a new way of thinking and acting in business and to create a sustainable future.

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If you would like to be part of the Business Model Toolbox or support it in any other way, we would be keen to hear from you.

Our Team

Frederike Behaa

Frederike is expert for strategy, digitalization, operations and finance. She works as Interim CFO / COO and as Business Coach for different companies. In 2016 she founded the platform Business Model Toolbox.

Maik Schmalsticha

Maik works as advisor and strategist on cloud, multisided platforms and digital incubation. He has a 25 years banking and IT industry background. He is an expert on B2B business, dealing with big organizations and cloud solutions

Marcel BrĂ¼ninga

Marcel works as a Service and User Experience Designer. Driven by the user-centered design approach he designs for context by getting a clear understanding of user context. He situates needs and deliberately creates experiences.

Mauricio Disilvestro a

Thabo Makama a
Lead Africa Chapter

Thabo is executive who has applied his skills in the banking, multinational private corporates and public sector organisations. He is Founder of Colabtic Hub, a Digital and Technology Development Hub and the current BMW Trust Chairperson.


Our Partners

Hasso Plattner Institut
Hasso Plattner Institut
Hasso Plattner Institut