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I am looking for some inspiration for my Business Idea

We offer you free inspiration for enhancing your business or business idea: Browse through the platform and get inspired by different business model patterns and stories. Most of the examples aim to show ideas for digital business models.

  • Business Model Patterns are blueprints that have special characteristics. Use these patterns to challenge your business idea or learn more about a specific type of business model. The secret behind success: take a business pattern and adapt it to your industry (e.g., Freemium, Bait & Hook, Co-Creation…)
  • Interesting stories from companies, showing how they changed their business model or introduced a new way of creating value for their clients. Stories about changemakers and information on topics related to responsibility and sustainability will be added as well.

The basic set is provided and accessible online for free. Ask us for further patterns or stories that can help you to challenge your business idea or current business model.

Tools & Methods

I am looking for a specific tool or method that can help me to answer my questions

Different tools can support you in answering different questions: but which one can support you in which situation? And how to apply them?

  • The Tools and Methods section provides you with information on different tools and methods, e.g., tools to understand the needs of your customer, tools for creating your prototype Business Model or tools and best approaches to test your business idea.

But how to get started? Either use the 4 categories to browse through our first set of tools and methods or ask us for support to find the right tool for your question.


Where to start?

There are many different ways to start building your business model. We propose you start with these:

Map your idea:  You have an idea but don’t really know how to start. Get started by using one of the available Design Templates to start visualizing your idea or current business and to identify missing parts.

Understand your customers: Do you know who your customers are or what exactly they need? We highly recommend leaving the comfort of your building and talking to your customers, users, and stakeholders. Use one of the Exploration Tools or a prototype to learn about your stakeholders’ needs and how well your idea fits with these needs.

Inspiration from Experts

Use our new offer – the Inspiration Box to boost your business idea and get feedback from 2-3 experts: Everything digital, convenient, and fast. And every month we offer even up to 3 free spots to entrepreneurs!

Get more information about the Inspiration Box:

Private Expert Coaching

Whether you are unsure of how to start realizing your business idea, you would like to have personal one-to-one coaching to challenge your current business model or adapt specific methods to your company, or you would like to understand and get support for a specific question – ask one of our experts. Besides our core team, we work together with a broad network of specialists and experts for all kinds of questions concerning digital strategy and business models or executing marketing, development, project management, organizational development and data scientist tasks.

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