With this post we start a new series in which we introduce interesting companies, startups, initiatives, and projects within the context of a specific topic. The series can be a great source of inspirations for your own projects. To begin, we present three of the many incredible initiatives that focus on supporting refugees with impactful solutions.


Kiron University

World-class education for refugees accessible worldwide


What is it about:
Without any requiring any legal documentation such as city registration or school certificates from its students, Kiron provides refugees with free university education that is accessible from any location with an internet connection.

To offer flexibility, the first two years of the program are offered online. However, there are certain entrance requirements for participating in the third year of the program. Kiron offers help and support for students to satisfy these requirements..


Business Model Toolbox’s Opinion:

The platform is a game-changer in terms of breaking through the geographical and administrative barriers for refugees to gain a free education. The platform also redefines the notion of university education in the present fast-changing era of digitalization. Though its service is currently based on donations and volunteering, Kiron plans to implement revenue streams such as through a freemium model.
Source https://kiron.university/


Cucula Refugees Company for Crafts and Design

A project that does not accept current reality of refugees in Germany


What is it about:

Aiming to establish a more welcoming culture, the project enables refugees to work together with designers on the construction of design pieces. Refugees can continue developing their portfolios even irrespective of their legal status as an immigrant.

The revenue generated from selling the design pieces will be used to finance living expenses and vocational trainings of participating refugees.


Business Model Toolbox’s Opinion: 

The self-sufficient financing model fosters self-efficacy among refugees, and helps destigmatize the refugees as ‘victims’.



Ueber den Tellerrand

Cooking without borders


What is it about:

A platform whose goal is to sustainably integrate refugees into society! By having refugees share their cultures through cooking classes, the platform helps refugees find their purpose through new activities, while  simultaneously fostering more positive perceptions towards migrants and refugees.


Business Model Toolbox’s Opinion: 

They gather recipes from refugees and publish a cookbook that generates revenue for the project. The cookbook does not only help to break through prejudice, but also to support the project to become financially sustainable.
Source: https://ueberdentellerrandkochen.de/