Thanks to all of you for this wonderful evening!


by Frederike Beha – Photos: Marcel Brünning

A short review:When I went online with the platform Business Model Toolbox one year ago, the core idea was to aggregate knowledge around different aspects of business model innovation and digital transformation such as tools, methods, and patterns. And I added one perspective: responsibility – for the usage of resources but also for the wellbeing of employees, honesty towards customers as well as economic sustainability for the business.

During our first exciting year, the whole team learned a lot – not only about the needs of people in involved in designing a business model, but also about the nature of a platform. At the beginning of this year, we took an important decision to move the platform to the next level that allows us to be faster and more flexible.


What’s next:

Our experiences and learnings showed us, that when developing a new business one of the major challenges is to see the next step. Furthermore, we learned that having a “Wikipedia” but not knowing what to search for is not very efficient.

Therefore, we came up with the idea of the INSPIRATION BOX: an easy and fast way to get feedback to your idea.


And how does this work? After submitting your idea, 2-3 experts and mentors will review your answers and send you feedback on their thoughts, ideas, crosslinks or doubts.

Important for you to know: every month we offer two entrepreneurs or social startups to use our service for free!

All further information and the possibility to apply for the free spot or to buy the service can be found >>HERE . We would be happy to hear from you and about your ideas!

Last but not least: a huge THANK YOU to all our awesome mentors and experts who are supporting the Inspiration Box! It was amazing and gorgeous to have most of them with us at our Birthday Bash.



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