We have talked with a lot of like-minded people and worked with even more to reach this point. We are now very happy to announce:

The official launch of the Business Model Toolbox (beta) will be on 9 July!


Following the internal launch of an initial prototype in May, and after discussing and reflecting on the purpose and the mission of the Business Model Toolbox, we decided to add an important focal point: Responsibility.

Our core principle and passion is innovation in the development of a RESPONSIBLE business model. Our goal is for this platform to provide inspiration and become a meeting ground for entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and change-makers.

The platform will be available to for-profit businesses, as well as to to social businesses that are interested in designing successful business model to create value for users, clients and stakeholders, while earning a return in a responsible manner with respect to their employees, clients, and surrounding social and ecological environments. The primary function of our platform will be to help you understand Business Model Innovation as a process of designing the different elements that comprise successful business models.

If you would like to find out more about the Business Model Toolbox, we would be happy to hear from you next week at