We are happy to announce the Going Live of Business Model Toolbox – RELOAD. After weeks of development and migration, we have finally moved the Business Model Toolbox platform to the next level.

And that’s not everything we have planned for this summer.
We are working on the launch of our new product, the Inspiration Box, an easy and fast way to get feedback on your business idea. So, STAY TUNED!


What’s new?

Looking at the platform from a user‘s perspective, we changed a few things.

?  Share your thoughts and experiences
Adding comments and feedback is now possible with no registration: simply add your name, your email and any remark you want to add to the tool, pattern, or story.

?  Learning with examples
We will systematically add examples to the different tools on Business Model Toolbox, helping you to understand and adapt the tools to your context faster.

?  Videos and pictures for a better user experience
Business Model Toolbox RELOAD makes it easy for us to add all sorts of media to the content pages. The result is even more attractive content pages.

?  Learn what is new on Business Model Toolbox
The new start page and the slider will provide you with easy and fast access to new and interesting content or offerings on Business Model Toolbox

Our Offer
Business model design and innovation at the next level: get inspired, learn about Business Model Innovation, Design Thinking, and Digital Transformation – or just book one of our experts for direct one-on-one support.
Our Offer

And finally: we skip the claim „Beta“ because it is the nature of our business to iterate and adapt the platform, the content, and our offer.

These are some of the visible updates provided by the RELOAD. The main updates, however, have occurred on our backend. Almost everything aspect of the platform has been upgraded to make sure users have a more seamless and interactive experience – this is just the beginning of updates and news. 🙂


 Start exploring Business Model Toolbox RELOAD and send us feedback about your experiences: What do you like? What are you missing?