Sparks from the IFA 2016 @Berlin

One day at the IFA 2016 (Internationale Funkausstellung) from the perspective of Business Model Toolbox with Alexander Jansen and Frederike Beha.   Besides all technological highlights and news that can be read about everywhere we would like to share with... read more

Business Model Toolbox – RELOAD has arrived!

We are happy to announce the Go Live of Business Model Toolbox – RELOAD. After weeks of development and migration, we have finally moved the platform Business Model Toolbox to the next level. And that’s not everything for this... read more

Business Model Hack: Identify a real problem

  “If I had an hour to solve a problem I’d spend 55 minutes thinking about the problem and 5 minutes thinking about solutions.” – Albert Einstein When creating a new product, service or business, most entrepreneurs as well as... read more

Inspiring Refugee Initiatives

With this post we start a new series, where we introduce interesting companies, startups, initiatives or projects in the context of a specific topic where you can source inspirations for your projects. We start with presenting three of many incredible... read more

Online tools to fill in the Lean Canvas

When developing a business model from scratch one of the very useful tools is the Lean Canvas. As we love everything digital we searched and assessed three different online tools to fill in the Lean Canvas. With this article... read more

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