One day at the IFA 2016 (Internationale Funkausstellung) from the perspective of Business Model Toolbox with Alexander Jansen and Frederike Beha.


Besides all technological highlights and news that can be read about everywhere we would like to share with you some sparks we took away from this day.

Social Dining – the past or the future?

ifa_01One of the first booths that caught our eye was an area titled “Social Dining”. WMF definitely made us curious. What was it about? Remember when – as a kid – your family came together to have fondue or raclette? And you maybe used a fondue pot to do that? So that’s what the booth segment showed: kitchen equipment for cooking or eating together. At this point it doesn’t look like too much innovation but the idea behind it could be interesting: thinking of cooking as a social event amongst friends and families. It could open up new space for interesting ideas and business models as well. At IFA, however, we only saw nicely presented products. And ate waffles.


Your day with a soundtrack

When was the last time a product you tried out made your eyes shine? Well, for Alex it was at IFA in the audio section. A little booth titled “Aftershokz” showed bone conduction headphones. Ok, no big deal. Never tried one, so let’s do this now. They only come in one size, will they fit? Surprisingly they did. Perfectly! Then let’s go for some music.

Have you ever asked yourself what it would be like if your day had a soundtrack? One that blends in with the background noises just like it does in a movie? Stroll through Paris like Woody Allen or hunt down an army of drones when your name is Tony Stark? Having the perfect mixture of dramatic opera music (if that’s your taste) blended in with the sound of the world while walking through Venice? This is exactly how it feels! Personal soundtrack of my day embedded into the world! Some people like to shut off from the sound of the world or noise as they call it. If you want to do that, this is not for you. For all others: Go give it a try!

PS: Alex got the wireless ones


The internet of ink

No, this is not a typo: Wacom – Bamboo didn’t surprise us with a new product but with a nice vision : “the
internet of Ink“. It is a great statement that can fuel idea around how to replace paper by tablets, phones and other screens and even make it possible to write on clouds 😃


Virtual Reality is fun and..? 

Samsung got huge attention by offering different experiences around VR. Again we noticed: impressing and funny to watch, but there wasn’t yet a new or interesting business model “visible” –  except the option for offering Bungee Jumping 2.0

ifa_03 ifa_04

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